The primary mission of my work is craftsmanship.

I am a craftsman, artist, designer, and maker all wrapped up into one.

My method of creation is self taught. Just like the first frames I created, each new pair is transformed from a solid block of wood. My hand is literally on every step of the process. The texture and natural grain of the wood and my use of hand tools make each pair as individual as their owner.

Our culture is shifting back towards specialization, where the relationship between the craftsman and the client is valuable. I appreciate passionate people, all of my clients are unique and I have true concern for their tastes. I make each pair specifically for the person who will wear them. My body of work has evolved to tell my story and the stories of my client's lives, occupations, tastes and talents.

My passion for craftsmanship and design drives every aspect of my work. I am not a businessman; I am an artist making a living from my work. I plan on growing slowly and focusing on creating the highest quality custom product for each person I work with. As I build my line I will always uphold my ideals and never outsource production.

I am very proud of my work and I hope that you will enjoy the experience of owning an individual piece of functional art as much as I love creating it.